Improving yourself offer so much.

We are Ha-Bit, a Web3 project that makes it easy for you to start new healthy habits like Move To Earn projects do. We also reward your efforts.

Welcome to Ha-Bit App

Welcome to Ha-Bit App

We can help you to be a better version of yourself.

Create a New Habit

Science behind games is applied in this app

Earn Tokens each Day

Everyday you fulfill your habit, you get tokens

Increase your Rewards with NFTs

Collect NFTs to multiply your reward of tokens

Meet the Ha-Bit Token Here!

Ha-Bit Token was launched on June 21, 2022. Aiming to offer you the best Staking Pools, the Ha-Bit App to Earn while achieving your goals and the Ha-Bit NFT as a reward booster.


Token Tax
0% Buying Fee
0% Selling Fee

Token Contract

Earn Rewards while Holding your Ha-Bit Tokens

As part of the Ha-Bit Ecosystem, we have built for you the Ha-Bit DEFI, which allows you to earn rewards on your tokens.

How It Works

Best Method to Achieve your Goals

Receiving rewards for fulfilling a daily habit greatly increases your chances of success. Discover how at Ha-Bit we have thought of it for you.

Set a goal and daily habit

Define a goal and a daily habit. Select the number of days you will fulfill that habit. E.g: Goal: Be fit. Daily Habit: Do 30 minutes of daily exercise.

Check your progress

Place a check each day that you fulfill your daily habit. The Ha-Bit system will add up the points and accumulate them.

Earn points and tokens

Accumulate points for each completed day. You can participate for free or with NFTs that generate many more daily points.

Claim your reward

After the selected period has expired, you will be able to claim all your rewards.

Token Distribution

  • Initial Coin Offering: 5%
  • Founder and Cofounder: 15%
  • Development: 15%
  • Marketing: 10%
  • Reward Pool: 20%
  • Foundation Reservers: 35%

Our Roadmap

Step by step we will be able to turn Ha-Bit into a sustainable project with a greater impact on the lives of people in the crypto ecosystem.

Ecosystem & Technology

Services within the Ha-Bit ecosystem and its used technologies.

100 Days Challenge

Participate in the 100 days challenge to consolidate a habit and earn tokens.

Ha-Bit App

Web3 application under development that allows you to generate income every time you fulfill your daily habit.

Special Message from Zrink

We firmly believe that the future of the Web lies in decentralization. The technology surrounding current services will be converted and adapted under this new approach. We are here to be part of that change and we invite you to join us in building the future.